This allows you to send custom events to Drip when members join your site running Restrict Content Pro, based on the subscription level they select. This enables automations in Drip, such as:

  • sending an onboarding campaign specific to each subscription level
  • sending check-in/engagement boosting emails periodically based on a member’s join date
  • sending re-join offers to people who have previously cancelled a membership

This plugin allows you to send a custom event for four different scenarios for each subscription level on your site:

  1. When a customer first signs up for a subscription level
  2. When a customer upgrades to a subscription level from a different level on your site
  3. When a customer upgrades from a subscription level to a different level on your site
  4. When a customer cancels a subscription

In the case of an upgrade/plan change, both numbers 2 and 4 above would be triggered; one for the level the customer is leaving, and the other for the level the customer is joining. This is to allow you maximum flexibility in Drip: if a customer is upgrading from an existing subscription, they probably don’t need to receive a “welcome to the site” onboarding sequence. Same goes for leaving the previous subscription level: if they’re merely upgrading, and not leaving altogether, they don’t need to receive any kind of “wait, don’t go” sequence.

After installing this plugin and setting the custom events to send, you’ll then need to set up corresponding automation Workflows or Rules in Drip to handle those events.